Board of Directors and Committee Chairs (2010-2012)

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Katsuyuki Aozasa, MD - Chairman
Kiyoshi Mukai, MD  - Vice Chairman
Nobuyuki Terada, MD  - Vice Chairman
Makiko Ueda, MD - Managing Director
Noriyuki Sato, MD - Managing Director
Masashi Fukayama, MD - Managing Director
Hiroshi Hashimoto, MD - Director
Kennichi Kakudo, MD - Director
Ryohei Kato, MD - Director
Makoto Kuroda, MD - Director
Osamu Matsubara, MD - Director
Teiichi Motoyama, MD - Director
Norimichi Nemoto, MD - Director
Yasunori Okada, MD - Director
Hironobu Sasano, MD - Director
Taizo Shiraishi, MD - Director
Akira Yamaguchi, DDS - Director
Wataru Yasui, MD - Director
Tadashi Yoshino, MD - Director

Toshiaki Manabe, MD - Auditor
Atsuko Kikukawa, Ms. - Secretariat

Committee Chairs and Editors:
In Preparation: The following translated names of the committees and working groups may be inaccurate. 

Kiyoshi Mukai, MD - Planning Committee; Working Groups on Public‐Service Corporation and Election Reform; Committee on Diagnostic Pathology Courses
Yasunori Okada, MD - Public Relations Committee
Tadashi Yoshino, MD - Committee on Extension Lectures
Makiko Ueda, MD - Accounting Committee
Noriyuki Sato, MD - Scientific Committee
Osamu Matsubara, MD - Award Selection Committee; Committee on Diagnostic Pathology Summer Fest Course
Taizo Shiraishi, MD - Scientific Panel in Branches
Wataru Yasui, MD - Research Promotion Committee
Kennichi Kakudo, MD - Editorial Committee
Masahide Takahashi, MD - Editor in Chief, Pathology International
Norimichi Nemoto, MD - Committee on Autopsy Case Records (Annuals of the Pathological Autopsy Cases in Japan)
Makio Mukai, MD - Editorial Board, Japanese Journal of Diagnostic Pathology; Editorial Board, General Rules and Guidelines for Clinicopathological Studies of Cancers
Masashi Fukayama, MD - the Japanese Board of Pathology; Centennial Anniversary Event Project
Takayuki Nojima, MD - Committee on Pathology Board Certification Examination
Makoto Kuroda, MD - Committee on Hospital-related Morbidity; Judging Committee of Pathology Board Examinees' Eligibility
Tetsuya Murata, MD - Judging Committee of Training Facilities' Eligibility
Michio Shimizu, MD - Editorial Board, Bulletin for Board-certified Pathologists
Norimichi Nemoto, MD - Medical Practice and Autopsy Committees
Takuya Moriya, MD - Consultation Panel
Yoshiaki Inayama, MD - Committee on National Medical Insurance Scheme
Takeshi Sasaki, MD - Committee on Pathology Service Providers
Hiroshi Kijima, MD - Committee on Technical Quality Control
Hiroyuki Yanai, MD - Committee on Histotechnology
Akira Yamaguchi, DDS - the Japanese Board of Oral Pathology
Toshiyuki Izumo, DDS - Committee on Oral Pathology Board Certification Examination
Ichiro Senba, DDS - Judging Committee of Oral Pathology Board Examinees' Eligibility
Teiichi Motoyama, MD - Education Committee
Hironobu Sasano, MD - International Relations Committee
Hiroshi Hashimoto, MD - Branches Committee and Committee on Training Programs in Pathology
Hisao Ito, MD - Medical Ethics Committee
Kouki Inai, MD - Risk Management Committee
Shinya Toyokuni, MD - Recruitment of Young Members Committee
Ryohei Kato, MD - Committee on Equal Opportunity for Woman Pathologists

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