Greetings from the Former Chairman, Masanobu Kitagawa

Masanobu Kitagawa, MD, PhD
Chairman, The Japanese Society of Pathology

Masanobu Kitagawa

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to introduce the new management strategies of the Japanese Society of Pathology (JSP). This is Masanobu Kitagawa, the chair of the JSP.
The JSP is dedicated to providing the most reliable diagnostic examination techniques and pathological diagnoses for a precise understanding of diseases. Through precise pathological diagnoses, we would be able to suggest appropriate therapeutic strategies nationwide. Further, to improve the medical procedures and develop up-to-date or new techniques to detect the real nature of diseases, we have to conduct studies and make progress in understanding the pathology of various and novel diseases. In the era of new technologies such as IoT, AI, and big data applications, our society should utilize cutting-edge scientific research/discoveries and the most up-to-date medicines to maintain the quality of pathologists. Pathologists should continue their research work as well as diagnostic procedures. We will have to learn more about the scientific advances in diverse fields; and we must have access to the latest information on clinical examination systems and the pathological concepts/entities of systemic diseases. I hope the JSP can support the academic development and the improvement of diagnostic knowledge/skills of the members.
For realizing the above-mentioned ambitions, I would like to list some objectives for the JSP to achieve. First, we must nurture more young and talented pathologists to continue making progress in pathological studies. We may have to recruit medical students and prepare the ideal circumstances for their self-improvement. Second, the JSP should engage in the formulation of the rules and guidelines for the diagnostic procedures of all kinds of diseases as well as in sample preparation for diagnosis. The final objective on which I would like to emphasize is the development of novel aspects of pathology in the next 10 to 20 years. The JSP may be able to lead the advancement in sciences, in particular, to develop the image analyzing systems.

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