Upcoming Meetings

Annual meetings are held twice in spring (usually in April) and fall (usu. November) every year. Our business meeting is held during the annual meeting.

>> Past Meetings

70th Annual Meeting 2024 Fall
Date: 07-08 November 2024
Venue: Japan Education Center
Organizer: Kenichi Ohashi, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

114th Annual Meeting 2025 Spring
Date: 17-19 April 2025
Venue: Sendai International Center
Organizer: Toru Furukawa, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine

71st Annual Meeting 2025 Fall
Date: 13-14 November 2025
Venue: Nagoya Convention Hall
Organizer: Toyonori Tsuzuki, Aichi Medical University

115th Annual Meeting 2026 Spring
Date: 16-18 April 2026
Venue: Royton Sapporo, Sapporo Education and Culture Hall (To Be Scheduled )
Organizer: Shinya Tanaka, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine

72nd Annual Meeting 2026 Fall (Co-hosted by 2026 Fukuoka IAP Congress)
Date: 08-09 October 2026
Venue: Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka Convention Center
Organizer: Yoshinao Oda, Kyushu University

116th Annual Meeting 2027 Spring
Date: 15-17 April 2027
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama North
Organizer: Yae Kanai, Keio University

20th JSP Conference for Investigative Pathology Date: 26-27 July 2024 Venue: Yamagata Terrsa Organizer: Mitsuru Futakuchi, Yamagata University 18th Diagnostic Pathology Summer Fest Date: 31 August- 01 September 2024 Venue: National Cancer Center Japan Organizer: Akihiko Yoshida, National Cancer Center Hospital

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